Hilltown Disco HIL004



Hilltown Disco are back with another attention-grabbing vinyl release. The A-side sees the return of the duo who can do-no-wrong, Crossmods with an electro-masterclass that takes you on an out-of-this-world journey, followed by a clean-cut, snappy remix of the Crossmods track by the Belgium act, Datawave.

Flip-over the record and we have acid-genius Chris Moss Acid contributing a re-mastered version of his beautifully-chaotic acidic-banger, The Mossquito. Continuing the acid theme, Dundee producer Ansata gives us a real 303 work-out that is guaranteed to fill any dance floor. Last but not least, Crossover Network joins the Hilltown Disco family with a high energy banger with iconic old-school electro vocals through-out to complete the release.